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Birthdate:Oct 17
Location:Bordeaux, France
A 30-year-old queer female moving to France in September 2009.

A little quirky.

Ce journal est complètement en français. Merci!

Interests (144):

alix olson, amber benson, ani difranco, autour de lucie, bipolar, bisexual, blackmore's night, buffy the vampire slayer, but i'm a cheerleader, cary elwes, cats, cheese, cherry cordial ice cream, chocolate martinis, christophe maé, cincinnati, clea duvall, cruxshadows, dance dance revolution, dar williams, darkwing duck, ddr, diet coke, documentaries, dresden dolls, drew barrymore, dtwof, eddie izzard, education, emaline delapaix, emilie autumn, eriko imai, espanol, evanescence, faeries, fairies, fat chicks, fat girls, femme, final fantasy 7, fisher, folk music, foreign languages, fox trot, francais, france, french, fruits basket, garbage, gay rights, gin blossoms, graeters, grrls, hebrew, hello kitty, indiana university, italian food, j-pop, jack off jill, japan, japanese food, japanese mythology, japanese pop music, jason marsden, jessica weiser, jewitch, jewitchery, jon stewart, jpop, karaoke, kevin smith, kyo, labyrinth, lenore, lesbian, libbie schrader, lilith fair, magic:the gathering, megumi hayashibara, michelle branch, michigan womyn's music festival, mitch hedberg, monty python, my little pony, no doubt, ohio, ohio renaissance festival, patti rothberg, paula cole, pikachu, poe, psych, purple, quantum leap, queer as folk, queer eye, ranma 1/2, red dwarf, rem, renaissance, rent, robin williams, rockapella, sarah mclachlan, saturn girl, scarling, scott bakula, self-improvement, shakespeare, shaye, shizuka kudo, skyline chili, sophie b. hawkins, spanish, sparkledrive, stand-up comedy, starlight express, stephen king, strawberry gashes, survivor, sushi, tara maclean, tarot, tetrinet, the books of magic, the last unicorn, the monkees, the princess bride, theatre, they might be giants, thoth tarot, tiramisu, tmbg, tori amos, vienna teng, voice acting, watership down, wicca, wicked, willow, willow and tara, witchcraft, wright state, yuffie kisaragi
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